Appearances on Local and National Television

Dr. Loftus has appeared on several network TV shows such as The View, The Today Show, CNN, MSNBC, and more. The media know that they will get balanced objective information from Dr. Loftus  – which is the very reason that they continue to seek her as a guest on their shows. 

The View: Liposuction
The View is a widely known network talk show in which the panel of well-known female hosts offer an array of opinions on every topic you can imagine….and plastic surgery is fair game! See how the hosts mix it up with Dr. Loftus in this segment which was filmed live in The View’s ABC studio in New York.

The Today Show: Botox
The Today Show is an icon in American morning network television. It covers all topics – including some which may be controversial. Today’s Matt Lauer hosts this segment on Botox in which the Today show sent a film crew to Loftus Plastic Surgery Center in Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Better TV: Plastic Surgery
Better TV had questions about plastic surgery after Heidi Montag underwent multiple procedures. To get answers, they asked Dr. Loftus to weigh in. You may be surprised to see what Dr. Loftus has to say.

Later Today: Breast Augmentation

Later Today: Liposuction
Later Today is an extension of the Today Show and has the same producers and staff. With their focus even more toward women, they have a keen interest in plastic surgery. As such, they asked Dr. Loftus to fly to New York to film two segments on two days: one segment on liposuction and the other on breast augmentation.

CNN: The Business of Plastic Surgery
When CNN’s Business Unusual took a look at the Plastic Surgery industry, they asked Dr. Loftus to step up to the plate and give the insider’s view. See what Dr. Loftus Says on CNN.

MSNBC: Risks of Liposuction
When MSNBC decided to investigate the issue of complications associated with liposuction, they asked Dr. Loftus for her insight. Never one to back down or sugar-coat things, Dr. Loftus explains it all.

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