Plastic Surgery Videos

The plastic surgeons who sponsor are dedicated to the balanced education of consumers in Cincinnati and around the United States and the world. To that end, we have made available on our website,  videos to help enlighten, inform, and explain many aspects of plastic surgery.

Our videos fall into three main categories:

Videos of Live Surgery
We have filmed actual live surgery in our operating room, and we bring those videos to you. While watching the live videos, you will hear us explain each important step. Currently available videos include breast augmentation and abdominoplasty, but we are adding new surgery videos soon. For those of you who get queasy at the thought of live surgery, we recommend that you wait until after your procedure to watch these.

Videos of our Plastic Surgeons on National TV
Our plastic surgeons have appeared on The View, The Today Show, MSNBC, CNN, and other national network shows explaining and discussing plastic surgery procedures, risks, and even the movie stars who have had work done. You can see each clip in its entirety, without leaving this website!

Educational Videos which Explain Plastic Surgery Principles and Procedures
For those of you who learn best by listening to someone explain things, this section is for you! Our own Dr. Loftus takes the time to share her wisdom, experience, and insight to help you glean the essence of important topics in plastic surgery.

About The Loftus Plastic Surgery Center

Our plastic surgeons, based in Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky, can give you the best result with these operations when you are close to your desired or ideal weight. A better contour can make it easier to exercise, make you feel better about yourself and make clothes fit much better. You can schedule a consultation with us so that our plastic surgeons can formulate an individualized plan for your body contouring.