By Patients of Dr. Loftus

Following are just some of the comments submitted by patients of the Loftus Plastic Surgery Center.

I never knew I could look this good!

Stephanie P., Body Lift after weight loss

My results are better than I ever imagined!

Christine L., Arm Lift after weight loss

Goodbye, muffin top!

Allison M., Abdominoplasty

I was nervous about the pain after surgery, but I felt so comfortable and barely had any pain at all.

Kathy F, Labiaplasty

My husband can’t believe how natural I look!

Lindsey J., Breast Augmentation

I had no pain after surgery and recovery was so easy.

Heather C., Breast Augmentation

My results are amazing – I wish I had done this ten years ago!

Molly W., Facelift

I was always treated like family.

Courtney M., Rhinoplasty

My experience from start to finish was completely extraordinary!

Leah M., Breast Augmentation

Dr. Loftus made me feel totally at ease.

Gina S., Breast Augmentation

If only every doctor could be like Dr. Loftus, how very fortunate we would be.

Deb K., Rhinoplasty

I’ve never been made to feel so comfortable and understood in a doctor’s office.

Lucinda L., Abdominoplasty, Liposuction

Dr. Loftus is the rare example of a surgeon who is highly skilled and personable and compassionate!

Cindy W., Abdominoplasty, Blepharoplasty

The care was exceptional and results are incredible!

Jody M., Breast Augmentation

Awesome tummy tuck results from a skilled and caring doctor.

Nicole P., Abdominoplasty

Extremely professional and compassionate practice.

Tamra H., Abdominoplasty, Breast Augmentation

My experience was 100% positive.

Liz G., Abdominoplasty

My care before going into surgery was beyond belief – they are amazing!

Tawnya L., Breast Reduction

This is the only place I will consider coming to!

Lauren R., Labiaplasty

I have worked with many doctors, Dr. Loftus is the best!

Beth K., Breast Augmentation

Never met such a warm and caring staff anywhere else.

Sue O., Facelift, Browlift, Blepharoplasty

I love my new look!

April S., Breast Augmentation

The entire experience was fabulous!

Kristi S., Breast Augmentation and Lift

I felt at home with the whole staff!

Jodi S., Abdominoplasty

It was the best decision of my life!

Dawn Marie T., Breast Augmentation

I love what she did for me, made me feel good about myself again!

Jenny R., Breast Augmentation and Lift

Dr. Loftus helped me make the best choice for ME!

Jenny R., Breast Augmentation and Lift

I love love love Dr. Loftus and everyone in the office!

Anita C., Liposuction

Dr. Loftus has changed my life in the best way possible!

Jordane D., Breast Augmentation

I have had plastic surgery done before so I can say this with some degree of experience. I was truly impressed with Dr. Loftus’ skill as a surgeon and as a human being. She answered all of my questions, and did a fantastic job on the surgery. I would also like to compliment the office staff for a great job.

K.W., a 39 year-old account executive who had pectoral implants

I was very impressed and satisfied with my procedure and how well I was treated. The entire staff always has a smile on their face and a kind word. Dr. Loftus has a bedside manner that evokes confidence and appreciation in her abilities. I readily refer anyone who is interested.

F.D., a 41 year-old who had a chin implant and neck liposuction

I would send any interested friend or family member to you. Everyone in the office is very friendly and I knew during my first visit, to gather info, that I would be having my surgery there! As for waiting to be seen, I don’t think I’ve ever taken a seat in the waiting room. I’ve always been ushered back quickly. Dr. Loftus -you did a beautiful job on my tummy thereby earning yourself “M&M’s for life”. Thank you so much, call me if you ever have a Hershey emergency (I have Butterfinger connections, too)!!

C.M., a 49 year-old sales manager who had an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

Dr. Loftus, I just wanted to take the time to Thank you for being so considerate and helping me through all the appointments and “fun stuff” I went through both before and after the surgery. Dr. Loftus, I am so thrilled with my results and I am so much happier now that it is truly amazing and I have you to Thank. THANKS!!!! I am eternally grateful to you. You have worked a miracle and I am glad that you helped me to achieve what I have always dreamed of having. Wonderful Thinner Thighs. I can’t thank you enough, and I will always keep you in mind if I, or anyone else I should know could use your services. I couldn’t have asked for or wished for a better Doctor. You were there for me to ask questions of before and after and you calmed my nerves on the day of the surgery. You were even there for me on a Saturday morning when I was sick. I don’t know too many Doctors that would care that much about their patients. Thank you. I want to also thank you for the encouraging comments that kept me going from day to day. Your manner and how excited you were for me on what I looked like just a week after kept me going. I couldn’t believe how excited you were for Me – Again… I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for being so considerate and nice. THANKS!!!

V.T., a 26 year-old computer programmer who had liposuction

One of the best experiences of my life. I can’t thank you enough.

L.C., a 33 year-old pilot who had breast augmentation

I’m very happy /pleased with my breast augmentation I received from your office. All of my appts. (consultation, pre-op and post op) went better than I expected and the surgery really surprised me, it was great, no problems at all and recovery was a breeze – even though Dr. Loftus keeps telling me that not everyone recovers so fast. Everything went wonderful. Dr. Loftus answered all of my questions and concerns that I had. I give Dr. Loftus and all of her staff an A+. I’m so much more self-confident that’s to all of you! Thank you all.

M.R., a 46 year-old physical therapist who had breast augmentation and breast lift

Everyone I met that worked with Dr. Loftus and Dr. Loftus herself made me feel so comfortable in all ways. I never had to wait. I was always called right in. Dr. Loftus made you feel like you were her only concern at the time she was talking to you. I would recommend her to anyone.

K.C., a 28 year-old dry-wall hanger who had rhinoplasty

Dr. Loftus and her staff treated me like an old friend! They are all simply wonderful!

P.F., a 61 year-old free-lance editor who had a facelift and eyelid tuck

I am completely thrilled with my entire experience. From phone calls to consultation to surgery and follow-up, I found everyone at Loftus Plastic Surgery to be helpful, informative, professional, and enjoyable! I would not hesitate to recommend friends to you! Thanks to all of you, especially Dr. Loftus, for a great experience!

E.N., a 40 year-old oral surgeon who had breast augmentation

I’ve never been to a doctor’s office where every member of the staff was as nice, polite, and helpful as everyone I met in your office. I felt very comfortable from my first visit on. I’ve recommended your office to several people already and I’m sure I will continue to do so. I’m very, very happy with my results and sing your praises regularly! Thank you so very much!!!

A.D., a 35 year-old interior designer who had a tummy tuck, body lift, and breast lift after losing over 150 pounds

I cannot say enough good things about my experience at the Loftus Plastic Surgery Center. Everyone was so friendly from the very beginning and made me feel right at home. Any future surgeries that I have will be done by Dr. Loftus. I am extremely pleased with my results and every bit of my experience. I’m just sad that my follow-up visits are finished and I don’t get to visit anymore!

R.Q., a 66 year-old who had a facelift, eyelid surgery, and chin implant

From my initial phone call to the day of my surgery, the entire staff was very helpful, pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. Everyone was extremely helpful and informative! I couldn’t have asked for any more than I got during this emotional experience. I absolutely LOVE the results! I would refer others to Dr. Jean and staff.

L.L., a 33 year-old financial advisor who had rhinoplasty

Dr. Loftus was an excellent doctor that not only improved my figure but also made me confident that she was my right choice! Thanks Dr. Loftus-I love my new figure!

J.P., a 69 year-old grandmother who had a tummy tuck and liposuction

Thanks to everyone. Your kindness and caring attitude made this a wonderful experience. I am very happy with my new image. Thanks again.

D.F., a 31 year-old engineer who had cheek implants

Hi Dr. Loftus & Everyone! You are all fabulous and I love my new breasts! I still check out before and after photos on and I swear, mine look better than most of the women I’ve seen on there. Dr. L, you did a fantastic job and thank you so much! I’ll see you soon for my 2 month follow-up appointment.

H.H., a 22 year-old college senior who had breast augmentation

I have nothing but praise for Dr. Loftus and her staff!! Everyone in the office is awesome, and Dr. Loftus truly cares (unlike some other surgeons I’ve had) and that means so so much to the patient. I’ve recommended/referred everyone I’ve talked to your establishment. If I should ever consider any other type of plastic surgery, I know exactly who will be doing it. Thanks to all of you!

S.A., a 41 year-old sales representative who had fat transfer for lip enhancement

My experience the day of surgery was excellent everyone was friendly, helpful and kind. I am 100% satisfied and thrilled with my results. I have already recommended you to many people. Like most people, I was a little uncertain about what all was happening when I first came home from surgery. When I got a call from Dr. Loftus that night, it was incredably reassuring! I still can’t believe Dr. Loftus takes the time to call all of her patients after surgery!

D.M., a 59 year-old retired college professor who had a facelift, browlift and eyelid surgery (bleph)

I have already recommended you and your staff to quite a few others (including my own patients!). You know how to make a person feel at ease and relaxed, with your warm and comforting office. Everything and everybody was so excellent at what they had to do. I absolutely love the results. I can’t thank you enough for all what you’ve done for me.

T.L., a 43 year-old physician and mother who had breast augmentation and lift (mastopexy)

I’ve told everyone about the wonderful, professional and positive experience of being a patient with Dr. Loftus. She truly has a gift for helping people look & feel better about themselves. It has been a pleasure being cared for by such great people!!

J.H., a 53 year-old nail technician who had breast augmentation

Thank you so much for such a positive experience! I never once felt as though I was just a number. All of you are quite professional, yet loving and caring…a rare combination in today’s medical environment! I felt as though my heart was as well cared for as my body! Those of us who live in Cincinnati are truly lucky to have such a fabulous surgeon here in our city – I know that people travel from all over the country to see Dr. Loftus.

M.Y., a 38 year-old stay-at-home-mom who had a tummy tuck and liposuction

Words cannot explain how happy I am with everything Dr. Loftus has done for me. I have been treated like and individual and Dr. Loftus has listened to me and explained to me the process I was having done. The time I wait to see Dr. Loftus has never been long, and when it is my turn Dr. Loftus gives me her full attention and time. Dr. Loftus cares and it shows in her work and attitude towards me. She is the best! I can’t believe that someone so famous is also such a genuinely nice person!

T.B., a 42 year-old teacher who had eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)

I can’t say enough about Dr. Loftus and her staff. I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way. The nurses and anesthetist were wonderful on the day of surgery and set me completely at ease. I am VERY pleased with my experience and would recommend Dr. Loftus to anyone interested in plastic surgery. It was well worth the trip from the east coast! P.S. I had constricted breasts, which are difficult to “reverse”, and I am happy to report that I now look natural and symmetric.

K.G., a 29 year-old attorney who had breast augmentation