At Good Samaritan, Western Ridge

The West Side office of Cincinnati Plastic Surgeons of the Loftus Plastic Surgery Center is located within the Good Samaritan medical office building, in Western Ridge, off Harrison Avenue. Those who live near the west side or who are driving in from Indiana, Illinois, or other western areas find this office to be very convenient.

Cincinnati / West Side Office

At Good Samaritan – Western Ridge

6949 Good Samaritan Drive (Same as 6920 Harrison Avenue)*

Cincinnati, OH 45247

(513) 793-4000

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*GPS instructions: If your GPS does not recognize the address of 6949 Good Samaritan Ave, that is because this is a new road created by Good Sam to locate its medical ofice building. It is actually just a really long driveway located at 6920 Harrison Avenue…So, the official address is 6949 Good Samaritan drive, but essentially, they are one and the same. As you are driving along Harrison Avenue, you will encounter Good Samaritan Drive right where the address of 6920 Harrison Avenue would be (if it were a building). Turn onto Good Sam Drive, and as you approach the medical office building, you will see the number “6949,” which is on the medical office building. Just think of it this way….6920 Harrison Avenue is essentially the same as 6949 Good Samaritan Drive. If one does not work in your GPS or with Mapquest, just use the other, as they will land you in the same place. It is actually really easy once you are in the area.  Call us for help at any time!



Four Locations of Loftus Plastic Surgery

Center in the Greater Cincinnati area


Close-up Map of the West-Side Office,

Located at the Good Sam

Medical Office Building

Off Harrison Avenue