In Cincinnati, Ohio, and Kentucky

Cincinnati plastic surgeons, Dr. Jean Loftus, practices cosmetic plastic surgery at Loftus Plastic Surgery Center, which has four convenient locations in the Greater Cincinnati area:

 Loftus Plastic Surgery Center location in Cincinnati Ohio


1. Cincinnati / Western Ridge Office

At the New Good Samaritan Medical Office Building, Western Ridge
6920 Harrison Avenue (same as 6949 Good Samaritan Avenue – see Below*)
Cincinnati, Ohio 45247

To meet the needs of the people from the West side of Cincinnati, we established an office on the West Side at the Good Samaritan outpatient center right on Harrison Avenue and I-74. By seeing patients at this office site, we hope to make plastic surgery more convenient for those on the West side of Cincinnati.

*Please Note: 6920 is the actual location on Harrison Avenue…however, instead of using this address, Good Samaritan put in a nice long driveway, which has a name of its own: Good Samaritan Drive. Soooo, to make a long story short, the official address is 6949 Good Samaritan drive. The only reason we point this out is because, as you approach the medical office building, you will see the number “6949,” which otherwise makes no sense. Just think of it this way….6920 Harrison Avenue is the same as 6949 Good Samaritan Drive.


2. Cincinnati / Mount Auburn Office

At The Christ Hospital Medical Office Building
2139 Auburn Avenue, Suite 201
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Prospective patients from all over Cincinnati come to The Christ Hospital Medical Office Building (located on the grounds of The Christ Hospital) for their medical needs…and to address their plastic surgery concerns. That is why we are proud to have an office at this institution, which has earned the respect of Cincinnatians for generations.


3. Cincinnati / Anderson Office

At Mercy Hospital – Anderson
7502 State Road, Suite 1110
Cincinnati, Ohio 45255

Our East Side office makes plastic surgery more convenient for those traveling from that side of town. This office is located on the property of Mercy Hospital in Anderson, which is on the corner of Five Mile Road and State Road. It is about a minute from the intersection of Five Mile Road and Beechmont — so, very easy to find. Parking is also easy in the adjacent parking structure.


4. Kentucky / Fort Wright Office

Just 5 minutes from downtown Cincinnati
1881 Dixie Highway
Suite 300
Fort Wright, KY  41011

Patients from all over Cincinnati, Kentucky, and further locations find this location convenient due to its location to the airport (for out-of-town patients) and ease of parking and proximity to the freeway and downtown.