Lip Augmentation and Lift

Most people consider the lips to be the most sensuous part of the face. As such, the lips have earned a commensurate amount of attention in cosmetic surgery. Lips can be addressed in two main ways: by making them bigger (lip augmentation) and by making them higher (lip lift).

Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation is for those who want their lips more full in size and shape. Visit Lip Augmentation Info to discover how this is accomplished along with the risks, benefits, cost, and recovery. Lip Augmentation Photos can help you see what can be accomplished through Lip Augmentation.

Lip Lift

Lip Lift is for those who feel that their lips have drooped and elongated. They can no longer see their upper lips when they smile. Their upper lips need a boost. A lip lift will provide that boost. Visit Lip Lift Info to discover how this is done along with the scars, risks, cost, and recovery. Lip Lift Photos can help you see actual results from Lip Lift Surgery.