Rhytidectomy Before and After Photos

Our Cincinnati plastic surgeons strive for natural facelift results. All before and after facelift pictures are used with patient permission.

 Patient 1


This patient wanted a natural rejuvenation. After a full face and neck lift she appears refreshed, like a younger version of herself. She looks natural without appearing overdone.


Patient 2


After facelift, brow lift and eyelid lifts


Patient 3


This patient had wrinkles on her cheeks, jowling and neck sagging pre-operatively. After a full face and neck lift her skin appears smoother, her jawline is cleanly defined and her neck is tight.


 Patient 4


This patient sought improvement in her neck and jowls. Note the improvement in jowls with a sharper, more youthful neck line. She also has a more defined jawline post-operatively.