Face Lift Info, Risks, Tips, and Photos

Facelift (also known as Rhytidectomy) is the mainstay of facial rejuvenation. Facelift can smooth your jawline, eliminate your double chin, and rejuvenate your lower face, thereby trimming years off your face. Visit Understanding Facelifts to see how the procedure works, plus some before and after pictures, then visit Face Lift Info to learn the ins and outs of Facelift surgery including risks. Also be sure to check out Facelift Tips which will give you an inside track on how to get through the operation with the greatest chance for success. If you want to see photos of actual patients, be sure to visit Facelift Photos where you can see before and after pictures. For more information, read our face blog about facial aging, “Let’s Face It” and a great explanation of how facelifts work in, “Facelift 101.”