Tips and Traps

  • If your surgeon tells you a forehead lift is needed, do not expect your final result to be optimal unless you have one.
  • Unless you are able to make the dark circles under your eyes disappear by stretching your lower eyelid skin with your fingers, then do not expect the dark circles to disappear after eyelid surgery.
  • If you have dry eyes, an ophthalmologist should evaluate you before surgery to identify correctable causes. You must realize that you run a higher risk of having dry eyes after eyelid surgery.
  • If your lower eyelids are loose, you will require a lid tightening procedure such as a canthopexy to prevent lower eyelid droop and dry eye syndrome. In this case, expect more swelling and a longer recovery.
  • Frequent application of cold compresses will help minimize swelling.
  • Sleep in a recliner or with your head elevated on pillows for the first several days after surgery to minimize swelling.