Possible Complications

When your operation is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, both your procedure and recovery will likely be uneventful. Even in ideal circumstances, however, complications may occur.

Skin Death

Skin may die especially if you smoke, which is why most plastic surgeons mandate that smokers cease smoking and all nicotine aids several weeks before and after surgery. Yet, even in non-smokers, skin death may occur as a result of a hematoma, excessive tension on the skin, or for no apparent reason. If skin death occurs, you will develop an open wound, usually in a small area below the nipple. The wound will heal within weeks, depending on its size. Final appearance cannot be predicted; some open wounds actually heal more discreetly than do scars.

Nipple Problems

Loss of nipple sensation, change of nipple color, and partial nipple death may occur. The likelihood is greatest among those with severely droopy breasts, but remains unlikely. If numbness occurs, nipple sensation usually returns within six months. Color changes and irregularities may never improve.


The risks of asymmetry, bleeding, infection, and general medical problems are present with this operation as they are with most other operations.