Possible Causes of Dissatisfaction


The main problem with breast lift surgery is that it involves a cosmetic trade-off. The recipient is exchanging one cosmetic problem (breast droop) for another (scars). Breast lift is designed to keep all scars at or below the nipple level. They will not be visible in clothing or most swim wear. Immediately following surgery, the scars may be red, firm, and raised. The scars will mature, fade, and soften over the course of months or years. As with any scar, breast lift scars may fade and become nearly invisible, or they may become wide and raised. But, as with any scar, final scar appearance cannot be predicted prior to any surgery.

The problem is that all scars are permanent. Not all women consider the scars to be acceptable, even when well healed and barely visible. Many women with mild droop who initially seek breast lift surgery reconsider after learning about the scars. Women who are more willing to accept the exchange of droop for scars tend to be those who have moderate or advanced droop.

Breast Shape

Whereas a breast lift alone will definitely raise the nipple and tighten the skin, it may not restore shape to the upper half of the breast, which might still appear hollow following a lift alone. If this is your concern and if you want your breasts larger, then you should consider augmentation along with your lift, as implants have the potential of giving fullness to the upper half of the breast. Click here to view Aug Lift Before and After Images to see how an implant adds volume to the upper half of the breast.

Breast Height

Whereas a breast lift will raise the nipple, it does not raise the inframammary crease, which is the crease below the breast. Women who have low creases will continue to have this issue after a breast lift. Because the position of the crease dictates how high the nipple can be re-positioned, these women might never achieve results they feel are acceptable. Women who have had substantial weight gain and loss are more likely to fall into this category.

Large Breasts

Because re-droop following a breast lift is closely tied to size, women who have large natural breasts have a greater likelihood and degree of re-droop than those with small breasts. In the worst case scenario, a woman with very large breasts who undergoes a lift might find herself three months later with breasts just as low as before surgery…but also with scars. These women might be best suited to a breast reduction, in which the breasts are both raised and reduced in size. Note that large implants do not behave the same way as large natural breasts.

High Nipple

If your nipple is too high after surgery, it will look unnatural. It might even worsen over time because your breast mound may descend in response to gravity, but your nipple will not. Attempts to correct this problem can result in new scars above the nipple.

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