Breast Augmentation in Combination with Breast Lift

Women who desire both larger and higher breasts may seek to combine breast augmentation and lift. Most plastic surgeons perform both procedures concurrently. One distinct advantage of having both a breast lift and breast augmentation is that the implants can lend an aesthetic shape to the upper half of the breasts, whereas a breast lift alone often leaves the upper half of the breasts hollow.

The advantage of combining these operations is that it prevents the woman from undergoing two operations and two recoveries. The disadvantage is that some women would choose to have droop rather than the scars that accompany a lift, so this combination commits these women to a lift when an augmentation alone might have been acceptable.

Dr. Loftus recommends the following for women with droop:

If Grade I droop: Have the augmentation alone. You can always choose to have the breast lift later but have not committed yourself to the scars associated with a lift. The vast majority of patients in their practice with Grade I droop are happy with an augmentation alone.

If Grade II droop: Tough call. If the droop really bothers you, go ahead with the breast lift. If the scars really bother you, then defer the lift until you see the results from the augmentation alone. You can always add the lift later. Dr. Loftus’ patients are split on this about 50/50 as to whether they have a lift up front or wait to evaluate the results.

If Grade III: Stop pondering. All women with severe (Grade III droop) are happier with the scars than the droop. Go for the aug/lift combo.

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