Before and After Photos of Liposuction


 Patient 1


Liposuction was performed around the trunk and waistline (360 Lipo) combined with a tummy tuck to remove extra skin and tighten the core. This combination of procedures can provide a much better result than either procedure alone.  

Top photo shows how bikini or underwear will conceal tummy tuck scar. Other photos taken with underwear low to show scar location. Photos 8 weeks post op. Scars usually fade significantly over first year.


Patient 2 

Before2 Months After


Patient 3


This patient wanted better chin definition and a sharper neck angle. Liposuction was used to achieve this. The patient also had an upper and lower eyelid lift.


 Patient 4

BeforeAfter 360 Lipo & Gluteal Aug




Updating Photos — more coming soon!