Web Site Updated

Since you are reading this you can  tell the web site got an update. It is really more of a “face lift” because the structure of the site is still the same (menu bar, ca documents, gallery, email etc). There are three things that are improved upon…more but i’m not a good counter.

  • We have combined some of the main posts and recent posts sections and retained the ability to feature certain posts/events (e.g. Spring Fair was recently the first page visitors saw up thru today, May 5).
  • The site is now “responsive”, which is the term WordPress uses when a web site theme is set to resize itself to fit on a tablet and smart phone.
    iphoneimage Here is the main page on an iPhone. 
  • The side bar now contains tags, categories and archives. Makes it a bit more visible and hopefully visitors and members will use those tools.
  • Oh and you might notice the facebook “like” and other social media buttons at the bottom of each post.

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