Keys to Coping is web app for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking. This tool allows a survivor to create an electronic journal of the incident and provides coping strategies for dealing with the trauma. Survivors in participating states may also have access to the state’s Rape Kit Notification system. This means that Survivors who live in participating states and who have had a rape kit conducted by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner will be able to track the status of their rape kit from collection through investigation.

Once the electronic journals are created, survivors can choose to submit the contents as a report to their school, employer, counselor, law enforcement professional or healthcare professional.

It is up to a survivor to decide how to cope with their experience. Each person decides which “first step” to take. No matter that first step, Keys to Coping is available support them through providing an electronic journal and trauma informed coping exercises.

Regardless of the decision to participate in any of the options within Keys to Coping, in any instance where physical contact and/or injury has been experienced, all survivors are encouraged to seek medical care.

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All partners own their own data

No additional fees when we add features

Multiple products/One price: reporting tool, coping tool and campus security authority tool

24/7 Web Access

No IT requirements - lives in the cloud

Unlimited Users and Data Files

Developed and hosted in the USA


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